No matter who you are, no matter what you do, there are many ways to JOIN THE MOVEMENT! We have many opportunities for you to get involved with. Don’t see anything that excites you? Reach out or come by our offices and we’ll help you develop an issue based project of your interest.

Internship Opportunities

Communications Intern

The Communications Intern will be tasked with writing and curating articles that connect policy issues to Central Brooklyn residents’ everyday concerns. This person would also be responsible for engaging our social media followers around our current organizing campaigns (food justice, education & gender-based street harassment).

Experience in leadership positions and with social justice campaigns is preferred. Central Brooklynites and people of color are highly encouraged to apply. Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Volunteer Opportunities

Citizen Journalism

Have you ever told a story to someone? Of course you have! Did you know that storytelling is a form of journalism? Citizen Journalism can be defined as the reporting of news, information and events straight from the mouths of community residents. No fancy news station anchors and equipment necessary! As a resident of Brooklyn, YOU have a unique perspective and we want to help you broadcast it! Citizen Journalism volunteers will use written articles, photographs, original video content and more to tell the story of Central Brooklyn!

If you’re interested in being a citizen journalist, email Veralyn Williams at vwilliams[at]brooklynmovementcenter.org.