#DefundNYPD Campaign

In the midst of the COVD-19 pandemic, Brooklyn Movement Center and the Communities United for Police Reform coalition called on New York City to deliver budget justice by cutting the NYPD budget by at least $1 Billion dollars. At a time when Black and brown communities are being hardest hit by the pandemic, we are demanding that the city strengthen social services, not give money to an already inflated police budget.

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A short breakdown of the #DefundNYPD call for at least $1 Billion in cuts to the NYPD budget.

10 minutes | June 24 

What Can We Cut from the NYPD Budget?  5 Minutes 
DefundNYPD and Repeal50A Teach-In 1.5 Hours 
“Re-Fund Our Communities” Teach in 1.25 hours

In the Press

Defund NYPD and Budget Justice in the press

‘Occupy City Hall’ Activists Say Their Movement Isn’t Temporary

Inside City Hall
July 2, 2020

“Yes, the budget has been passed and many of us are more than disappointed at how it turned out, but in many ways, this is just the beginning of a new conversation. And what I’d like to see is not only the conversation…on how we defund from the police, but how do we reimagine public safety and the protection of our community, making it community-centered?” Griffith said. “That’s what I really look forward to over the next year.”

De Blasio and the Council failed a test on policing

New York Daily News |Mark Winston Griffith
July 1, 2020

Defunding the police is not a radical notion to run from, but an invitation and opportunity to embark on a new self-loving future for black communities.

Nearly $1 Billion Is Shifted From Police in Budget That Pleases No One

New York Times | Dana Rubinstein and Jeffery C. Mays
June 30, 2020

“He’s really just moving money around, and he’s not really meeting the demand of the campaign,” said Anthonine Pierre, the deputy director of the Brooklyn Movement Center, who has joined protesters in front of City Hall to demand Police Department cuts.