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Diana Richardson’s Platform

Bills co-sponsored 

Note: Co-sponsor means that the lawmaker has backed or supported a bill. It doesn’t mean the bill has been passed. 

Prisons & Jails

  • Implements substance use disorder treatment and transition services in jails (link)
  • Brings prison minimum wage to $3/hr (link
  • Changes Parole Board Makeup to Reflect Racial Percentages in Prison (link)
  • Creates a commission to study sexual abuse in prisons/jails (link)


  • Prevents insurance companies from requiring prior authorization for certain medications (link)
  • Ensures that temporary protected status beneficiaries continue to receive Medicaid benefits (link)
  • Requires domestic violence policies in schools (link
  • Mandatory safe staffing ratios for nurses (link
  • 90 day-notice before the closure of nursing homes (link)

Voting & Elections

  • Reduces voting age to 16 and creates voter education for students (link)
  • Allows those running for office to use campaign funds for childcare (link
  • Allows Registered Voters to Apply for an Absentee Ballot for any reason (link)


  • Expands paid family leave for siblings (link)


  • Makes CUNY and SUNY tuition free (link)


  • Ends Major Capital Improvements. Rent Increases Are Now Longer Allowed for Improvements (link)  

Child Safety 

  • Establishes max caseloads for agents of child protective services (link)

Hate Crimes 

  • Bill to get more demographic data on hate crimes victims (link)



  • Changes Law Enforcement and Judge Rules around Hacking Phones for Investigation (link
  • Law enforcement must get a signed waiver to get genetic info from genealogy firms (link

Immigrant Rights

  • Allows for Prosecution if the President Pardons Someone (link
  • Create a DREAM fund commission and college scholarships for DREAMERS (link

Women’s Rights

  • Ends Penalties for Abortions (link

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