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Jabari Brisport’s Platform


  • Ensure every New Yorker has a safe, quality, and affordable home.
  • Strengthen tenants’ rights.
    • Good Cause Eviction (S2892B)
    • Eliminating Major Capital Improvement (MCI) rent increases (S3693)
    • Regulating building buyouts (S6680)
    • Increasing lease options for rent-stabilized and rent-controlled tenants (S2891)
    • Creating a right of first refusal in New York
  • Fully fund NYCHA 
  • Repeal tax breaks for developers
  • End predatory development practices
  • Increase support for democratically controlled housing on community land trusts

Criminal Justice

  • Defund the Police.
  • Repeal 50-A.
  • Abolish NYPD’s Strategic Response Group
  • Prohibit tear gas, LRADs, and “less-lethal” munitions statewide 
  • Establish a special prosecutor for police misconduct. 
  • Prohibit police departments from hiring officers with histories of misconduct
  • Ban police from receiving military weapons from the federal government.
  • Legalize Marijuana 
  • Decriminalizing simple drug possession 
  • Re-enfranchise incarcerated New Yorkers and all those with prior felony convictions
  • Completely Eliminate Cash Bail 
  • Decriminalize Fare Evasions
  • Decriminalize Sex Work
  • Establish Safe Injection Sites 
  • Restrictions on Facial Recognition Software 
  • End solitary confinement
  • Prohibit police from using dishonest means to extract confessions 
  • Establish a sentencing reform commission 
  • Repeal all mandatory minimum sentences
  • Repeal “bump-up” statutes
  • Enact Elder Parole


  • Fully Fund Public Schools
  • Directing resources to the neediest schools
  • More counselors in schools instead of police
  • Mandatory de-escalation training for teachers 
  • Address racial biases in diagnosing students with IEPs 
  • Transition away from high stakes testing
  • A moratorium on new charter schools 
  • Fully fund CUNY/SUNY 
  • Implement demands of Teens Take Charge
  • Fair wages and just working conditions for all public educators


  • Ending fines for fare evasion
  • Reducing police presence in our subway system
  • Funding subway signal infrastructure, not projects that extend the subway into wealthy neighborhoods
  • Implement congestion pricing 
  • Get people out of cars and onto buses, bikes, and trains

Find out more at: https://jabariforstatesenate.com/platform/ 

About Jabari

Current Job: Middle school teacher at Medgar Evers Prep