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Jason Salmon’s Platform

Criminal Justice

  • Demand Transparency and Accountability: 
    • Require police departments to record and report data related to low-level offenses 
    • Repeal New York State’s police secrecy law, 50-A
    • Codify the special prosecutor executive order 147
  • Ban Deadly Force
  • Require Racial Impact Data from Law Enforcement
  • Ban Bias-Based Policing
  • Decriminalize sex work and repleal the “Walking While Trans” law 
  • Defund the Police and Refund the Community
  • Ensure Immigrant New Yorkers access courts without being arrested by I.C.E.  
  • Legalizing the Adult-Use of Cannabis


  • Cancel rent and declare a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures in light of COVID-19
  • Pass Good Cause Eviction
  • Change the Affordability Formula (AMI) 
  • Stop Deed Theft and Predatory Foreclosures
  • Invest in Public Housing
  • New Affordable Housing & Mitchell Lama
  • Eliminate or Restructure Tax Abatements
  • Stabilize Commercial Rent


  • Fully Fund Public Schools (Foundation Aid) 
  • Civic Education in All our Schools
  • Moratorium on Charter Schools
  • End High Stakes Testing
  • Desegregate NY schools
  • Hire and retain more teachers of color
  • Mental Health Support in Schools 
  • End Out of School Suspensions
  • Invest in Adult Education and Re-entry Programs
  • Invest in Adult English language Programs

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  • Community Liaison for State Senator Velmanette Montgomery 

Community Activism 

  • Jews For Racial and Economic Justice