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Where does Tremaine get her money from?

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Tremaine Wright’s Platform

For Tremaine Wright’s full legislative history here


  • Voted NO on a bill requiring the Health Department to study the health impact of COVID-19 on minorities in NYS (see more here)
  • Co-sponsored New York’s healthcare-for-all bill, now called NY Health Act (see record here)


  • Voted YES on 2019 Housing Reforms (see vote here)
  • Did NOT co-Sponsor Good Cause Eviction Bill (see record here

Criminal Justice

  • Voted YES on a bill that allows people who record cops to sue if the police interfere with their recording, but it hasn’t been passed by the Senate (click here for more info)

More about Tremaine


  • Introduced and led passage of Crown Act that prohibits race discrimination based on natural hair or hairstyles (click here)
  • Wright Announces Introduction of Criminal Justice Reform Package (click here)
  • Tremaine Wright on Criminal Justice Reform Bills (click here)
  • Tremaine Wright Supports Bail Reform (click here)
  • Tremaine Wright Doesn’t Want Us to Go Backwards on Bail Reform (click here)
  • Tremaine Wright Used $500,000 from her Budget to create another entrance at Nostrand A/C train station. And it’s wheelchair accessible (click here)
  • Tremaine Wright supports prosecuting those who buy sex, not those who sell it. But advocates say the bill still criminalizes the sex trade. (click here)
  • As Chair of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus, Wright Organized and Pushed for bills protecting homeowners from deed theft (click here)
  • Tremaine Wright Doesn’t Support Good Cause Eviction, according to political insiders and housing activists (click here)
  • Activists Criticize Tremaine Wright on Housing (click here–start video at 19:30)
  • While she eventually voted for 2019 housing reform legislations, Wrigth did not co-sponsor any of them. (click here)
  • Tremaine Wright endorses Cuomo for his third term (click here)