Assembly District 56

Learn more about the New York Assembly District 56 elections race. Get information on the candidates, platform, recent press, and more! For information on the other races, check out our overview here.

The Candidates

Brooklyn Movement Center sits down with the candidates from Assembly District 56

Video Breakdown

(00:00) Partner Intros & Disclosures
(08:15) Candidates Introduce Themselves
(15:55) How Will You Economically Empower the Community?
(20:15) Individualized Questions for Candidates
(25:37) Housing
(28:40) COVID-19 & Healthcare
(33:17) Do You Support Police Defunding Reform or Abolition?
(42:00) Restoration Plaza
(45:45) How Will You Bring Environmental Justice to the Community?
(49:53) Gentrification & Justin Being White
(52:40) Charters Schools
(56:37) Food Access & Affordability
(01:01:00) Do Support Rent Cancellation?
(01:07:06) How Will You Represent Crown Heights?
(01:11:05) Historical Landmark Designations
(01:15:48) Youth Engagement
(01:18:50) What Policy Do You Like About the Other Candidate
(01:21:14) Candidate Final Comments and Vision for the Community