Senate District 25

senate district 25 map

Learn more about the New York Senate District 25 elections race. Get information on the candidates, platform, recent press, and more! For information on the other races, check out our overview here.

The Candidates

Brooklyn Movement Center sits down with the candidates from Senate District 25

Video Breakdown

(03:13 – 13:10) Candidate Intros
(13:10-14:29) For Jason: What Did You Learn Working for Assemblywoman Velmanette Montgomery?
(14:29-15:55) For Tremaine: Assemblywoman Velmanette Montgomery Is Your Mentor. What Did You Learn From Her?
(15:55-18:13) For Tremaine: What Will You Fight For as a Senator?
(18:15-25:58) Education 
(25:29) Do You Support Charter Schools?
(26:13-33:45) Incarceration
(33:50-39:14) COVID-19 & Rent Relief
(39:15-45:30) Affordable Housing 
(45:30-46:20) Area Median Income 
(46:23-53:28) Good Cause Eviction 
(53:30-59:30) Business Development 
(59:33- 01:06:00) Industry City Rezoning 
(01:06:00- 01:10:15) For Tremaine: Is the Brooklyn Democratic Party Undemocratic?
(01:10:16 – 01:12:30) For Jabari: Does DSA struggle to reach the Black community? 
(01:12:30-01:14:51) For Jason: How Will You Get Your Agenda Through? 
(01:14:55-END) Arts & Culture Funding

Video Breakdown

(00:00-08:40) Police
(08:40- 15:20) Defending the Black Community
(16:50-21:36) How does your Agenda Differ from your Opponents?
(22:15-25:28) For Jabari & Jason: You’ve Never Held Office Before
(25:33-27:50) For Tremaine: How Will You Engage w/ Younger Voters?
(28:15-34:30) Third Party Transfer & Deed Theft
(35:10-37:12) For Jason: Are You Splitting the Progressive Vote?
(37:30-39:40) For Tremaine: How Have You Represented Poor People?
(39:45-41:16) For Jabari: LGBT Orgs Support Jason, Not You. Why?
(41:50-47:30) Charter Schools