We recently sat down with Justin Cohen and Stefani Zinerman to hear why they want to represent you in government. Take a look at what they had to say below!

Video Breakdown


(00:00) Partner Intros & Disclosures
(08:15) Candidates Introduce Themselves


(15:55) How Will You Economically Empower the Community?
(20:15) Individualized Questions for Candidates
(25:37) Housing
(28:40) COVID-19 & Healthcare
(33:17) Do You Support Police Defunding Reform or Abolition?
(42:00) Restoration Plaza
(45:45) How Will You Bring Environmental Justice to the Community?
(49:53) Gentrification & Justin Being White
(52:40) Charters Schools
(56:37) Food Access & Affordability
(01:01:00) Do Support Rent Cancellation?
(01:07:06) How Will You Represent Crown Heights?
(01:11:05) Historical Landmark Designations
(01:15:48) Youth Engagement
(01:18:50) What Policy Do You Like About the Other Candidate
(01:21:14) Candidate Final Comments and Vision for the Community

Town Hall with Assembly District 56 Candidates (VIDEO)