We recently sat down with Jabari Brisport, Jason Salmon, and Tremaine Wright to hear why they want to represent you in government. Take a look at what they had to say below!

Video Breakdown


(00:00-08:40) Police
(08:40- 15:20) Defending the Black Community
(16:50-21:36) How does your Agenda Differ from your Opponents?
(22:15-25:28) For Jabari & Jason: You’ve Never Held Office Before
(25:33-27:50) For Tremaine: How Will You Engage w/ Younger Voters?
(28:15-34:30) Third Party Transfer & Deed Theft
(35:10-37:12) For Jason: Are You Splitting the Progressive Vote?
(37:30-39:40) For Tremaine: How Have You Represented Poor People?
(39:45-41:16) For Jabari: LGBT Orgs Support Jason, Not You. Why?
(41:50-47:30) Charter Schools

Town Hall with Senate District 25 Candidates (VIDEO)