On April 4, 2018, Saheed Vassell was gunned down by the NYPD in Crown Heights. Since then, his family and community have been organizing for justice for Saheed, demanding that the mayor and the NYPD release the names and disciplinary records of the officers as well as explain why the SRG (Strategic Response Group), a unit tasked with responding to civil unrest and terrorist incidents, was dispatched.

We do not yet have answers from the mayor or the NYPD – but in the meantime, the NYPD is pushing the usual narrative to justify Saheed’s killing, with initial reports falsely claiming Mr. Vassell had a gun and the selective release of photos and information.

Neighbors and friends are countering this narrative by sharing stories of #TheRealSaheed, who was a father, son, and member of a tight-knit community in Crown Heights.

Community Stories: The Real Saheed

Brother Saheed was somebody close to us. Not no stranger, not no stray dog. He’s a community member.


He was never out here causing problems…he worked, loved his son, loved his family.


Saheed was a very genuine person, a kind person.


“The day he got shot, that was the day I knew the reason why he didn’t want me to be a cop”


I’m gonna to miss him, the shop’s gonna miss him, the community’s gonna miss him.


He was a guy full love, full of heart.