Street Harassment Link Round Up

An Interesting Read

I am 11 years old wearing a Catholic School uniform. I make a run for the candy store a few blocks away from the school. The men say things to me but I don’t know what some of the words mean. Their stares make me uncomfortable. Read More.

Stopping Street Harassment

“You are so cute. Thank you for your smile honey.” I recoiled, my smile immediately wiped off my face. In an instant, I felt self-conscious and gross and weird and unhappy. My smile had been totally about me and my experience, but this man made it about him. Read More.

How to Talk to a Woman Without Being a Creep

How to Talk to a Woman Without Being a CreepWhen the right approach isn’t obvious, it’s not always easy to discern what’s okay and what’s not. In the interest of human connection, here’s a handy guide on how to approach a woman in various situations. Read More.

Artist Takes Aim at Street Harassment

composite-tatyana-fazlalizadeh “I know this is a very particular issue that affects women in general, but most of the portraits that I’m doing are portraits of women of color,” she said. She wants to see women of color challenge a narrowly conceived history about their bodies and their unique battles in the context of women’s rights. Read More.



heybabyHey baby! Women speak out against street harassment

Head down, look straight ahead. Earbuds in, volume off. Walk quickly, but with purpose. Don’t make eye contact unless you need to. Look behind you every few blocks, make sure you’re not being followed. Don’t be obvious. Read More.

womenshistory“Hey Baby:” Enduring Street Harassment

College. I was 20 feet or so from my dorm one night. A guy grabbed me from behind. He put his hands between my legs. He told me not to scream. I screamed. He ran. The cops asked me if I was frequently asked out on dates. Read More.

Spot_illustration_2Women Take a Stand Against Street Harassment

By the time they’ve hit their late teens, most females are well-versed in street harassment. Vile and intrusive catcalls like “you got some big titties,” “I’d love to wax that ass,” and “shake it like a salt shaker,” are an unavoidable part of their daily journey to and from school, work or even a quick trip to the corner store. Read More.


blackwomenBlack Women x the Streets x Harassment

“The liberty of women, in this most fundamental sense of freedom from restraint, is substantially limited by street harassment, which reduces their physical and geographical mobility and often prevents them from appearing alone in public places. In this sense, street harassment accomplishes an informal ghettoization of women — a ghettoization to the private sphere of hearth and home.” Read More.


Street Harassment: The Uncomfortable Walk Home

I was 13 when I was sexually harassed for the first time. On a sunny summer day, two men in a pickup truck followed me for several blocks, yelling obscene things they wanted to do to me. When I was 18, a catcaller chased me home from the grocery store; he tried to force his way into my apartment. Read More.

nobodyssmilinNobody’s Smilin’

Even if no harm is intended, I find something inherently wrong with a brother essentially ordering a woman to make herself look more pleasing to his eye. Especially when she has not expressed any interest in catching it. Read More.



heybabygamehey baby: Link Round-up & Open Thread

The game is called Hey, Baby, and it is a game about street harassment. It is a first-person shooter where you play as a woman walking around a city fighting off waves of men who approach you while repeating “classic” street harassment lines, everything from the notorious “Smile, baby” to shouted rape threats. Read More.


Kedrick GriffinCome for the Pizza, Stay for the Deconstruction of Masculinity

“A girl can’t be too upset when a guy is paying attention to her.” “It depends on the type of girl and whether she has respect for herself,” another says. “Some girls will say, stop. But they like it, for real.” “If she’s wearing short shorts, booty shorts, short skirt, with the thong showing, she wants it,” another guy says. “Can’t blame it on the boy. She knows what she’s doing.” Read More.