The Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) is a community organizing group based in Bed-Stuy. The BMC brings together residents of Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights to identify issues of importance to them, build power and improve conditions in their community.


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Why Food Justice Means Criminal Justice Too

On July 28th, the Brooklyn Movement Center, in partnership with the Center for NuLeadership on Urban
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Third Rail Eps 11: Street Talk

Guests Amaka Okechukwu, a member of BMC’s collective, No Disrespect Ruby-Beth Buitekant, a Cro
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The Case for Black Gentrification: Lessons from Brickton, Philadelphia

Much of the discourse around gentrification centers on the displacement (or replacement) of low inco
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Broken Windows, Broken Policy

As a longtime resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, who directly experienced stop-and-frisk abuses and pol
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"I Ride with BMC"

  • I head our outreach and membership committee for the food cooperative that will open in Central Brooklyn in 2015. I believe communities of color can eat healthier, more affordably and more sustainably if we all share in the ownership and running of our own food system.

    Shatia Strother, BMC Member
  • The friendships and community I've built here are everything to me, because, at BMC, 'civic engagement' is real. I've helped design an online voter guide, organize candidate debates, and introduce ways for residents to determine the city budget.

    James Subudhi, BMC Member
  • Through the Anti-Street Harassment campaign, I’m working to create the kind of community I believe we all want to live in: a place where 'good morning' is a simple greeting between neighbors, not a come-on.

    Kristen Maye, BMC Member
  • In BMC's education work we are trying to improve the relationship between schools and the community. I have four young children in Bed-Stuy's public schools, and my hope is to see increased communication, knowledge, and parent participation within District 16.

    Felicia Alexander, BMC Member